Saturday, August 14, 2010

Eat for Equity

Tonight for dinner I let someone else do the cooking - an organization called Eat for Equity.  This group holds monthly dinners at various locations around the Twin Cities, and each month your donation for the meal goes toward a nonprofit organization that is building equity for/with people in need.  Tonight's donations benefited the American Refugee Committee, which supports the basic survival needs of people in refugee situations.  Specifically, tonight's donations were given to relief efforts in Pakistan, where major flooding has displaced about six million people and have killed nearly 1,500.  Appropriately, we were served a Pakistani-themed dinner of beef pulao, cucumber raita salad, and cardamom kulfi.  It was fantastic.

I should also say that aside from the food being tasty and the cause being worthy, I've met some really cool & progressive people at these dinners.  If you're interested in coming next month, or would like to find out more about Eat for Equity, check them out on Facebook.

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